Thoughts from those who have experienced my work:

  • “A lasting gift to the eye & to the touch.” EH
  • “Thanks for my gorgeous wrap. I’m wearing it as I write this on a rainy day here in Jackson Hole.” Cayuse Gallery owner.
  • “This is a gift and an heirloom I will pass on to my grand daughters.” SS
  • “Still smiling when i think of my visit to your shop. The goosebumps on my arms as I first walked in the door.” LJ
  • Barb Lynn’s work dances with the art, craftsmanship and design of beautiful handwoven cloth. The color & the delight in the finest of natures’ fibers flow off her looms, all made with her desire to create the most lovely fabric you’ll ever experience.” BD

Gratitude shared with me upon receiving a Wildrose Textiles gift:

  • So many thanks for the beautiful Wrap you gave me. It’s the perfect color and I’m thrilled with it. I’m off to a meeting in Leeds today & it’s accompanying me!” JG
  • I absolutely love the birthday gift you sent. Please tell Barb, too, that I was blown away. It is a work of art that I will certainly love & treasure. That was so thoughtful of you.” SW